Fluid Hand Cream

Well-groomed hands denote respect for one’s body and consideration for oneself. This is why we need to give them daily attention. This cream is not a simple cream for hands and feet, but a real cosmetic treatment of considerable effectiveness. It has a remarkable protective action on the hands, especially when they are exposed to intense cold, wind, prolonged contact with detergents or irritants. It is emollient thanks to the high quantity of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Santa Téa Frantoio, without however being oily; it is readily absorbed and therefore allows carrying out any activity, even immediately after application.


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How to use
Apply to clean and well-dried hands, performing an intense massage in the direction of the wrist, both on the back and on the palm. Perform the operation several times a day, especially after coming into contact with detergents, irritants or water.

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