The Frantoio di Santa Téa is situated on a balcony over the Arno Valley, on Reggello’s Plateu on 400 meters above sea level along the valley of the Arno River in the heart of Tuscany. Its altitude, perfect sun exposure and welldrained terrain makes the Reggello area ideal for olive cultivation. The olive grove on the Santa Téa estate operates pursuant to current Organic Agricultural regulations without any use of pesticides or fertilizers. Today, the Frantoio di Santa Téa is considered one of the most cutting edge facilities in the world of extra virgin olive oil production on both qualitative and technological levels. This exclusive system, with its two lines of production, was designed and fitted inside the mill’s mechanical workshop and is renewed every year. The olives are all certified in terms of traceability, providing the consumer with maximum transparency. The maximum from harvest to the mill is until 15 hrs. only cold extraction under partial absence of oxygene.

Vertine Oil Mill: this is a continuous cycle oil mill that works exclusively with the cold process. It has a milling capacity of 24 quintals per hour. This new line of machines crushes olives in the absence of oxygen. The oil is then exposed to air until opening of the "Vertine Mill" Chianti Classico olive oil P.D.O. bottle by the customer. From October crushing takes place at the "Vertine Mill".
The medieval village of Vertine is located in the territory of Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany, and is situated on a 357-metre hill adjoining the village of Gaiole in Chianti. Vertine's Castle, also called the "walled village", overlooks the north-eastern extension of Chianti surrounded by the Chianti Mountains, a chain that divides Valdarno from the Upper Chianti.
Bastion of Florence, bordering the territory of Siena, the small village of Vertine has become the residence of the Ricasoli family several times since the 13th century, when the castles of the Chianti League were the subject of repeated acts of war such as sieges and pillaging. The Castle and the village have largely survived intact, thanks to a series of fortunate circumstances that have led to the development of military confrontations elsewhere in the region.
Vertine was the Chianti castle that has achieved the most consistency as a walled village. Today it is possible to see the beautiful walls, restored only around 1500, and the rectangular tower that had the function of bridge house.
The "oil hall" in the hills of Chianti, in Gaiole, offers its customers oil crushing in compliance with the production specifications of Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.O.D.. It is possible to book by phone and fax on 0577/749120 or via e-mail through the contact form available by clicking here.

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