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Monocultivar Leccino Olives

The Olive jars of the variety Leccino were born after a careful selection in the field and are preserved in 100% extra virgin olive oil.
The olives of the variety Leccino are farmed in the field and have a sweet and light taste. After a selection the olives are pitted and preserved in 100% extra virgin olive oil; ideal as a side dish, dressing or as appetizer for starters and aperitifs.


  • Jar 180gr
  • Jar 950gr
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Olive Production area: chosen in the best olive-growing areas.
Cultivar: Leccino.
Harvesting period: from October to December.
Processing: the olives are pitted mechanically
Packaging: in glass jars filled with extra virgin olive oil.
Taste: intense but delicate with a slight and pleasant pungent note.


Jar 180gr, Jar 950gr

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