Rocca di Cervaia

Obtained from selected olives, pressed within fifteen hours in our Frantoio Santa Téa with exlusive methods. The filtered olive oil is then stored in a protecded atmosphere to preserve maximum freshness.
Harmonious and well-rounded character with notes of dried fruit.


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  • 0,75L Bottiglia
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Production area of ​​the olives: choosing from the best olive crops in Italy.
Cultivar: italian varieties.
Period of harvest: from October to December.
Processing times: within 15 hours of picking.
Cleaning olives: removal of stems and leaves using patented machines and olives washing with purified water
Processing: a continuous airtight cycle, under nitrogen. Extraction at a controlled temperature (cold extraction) in absence of oxygen.
Filtering: pure cellulose.
Storage: at a controlled temperature in stainless steel containers, in absence of oxygen, under nitrogen.
Bottling: automatic under nitrogen with bottle cleaning and automatic level control.
Security: non-refillable cap.
Fragrance: of fresh olives with dried fruits notes and vegetable thistle.
Taste: slighty spicy, harmonic
Color: green with hints of gold.
Recommended on: perfect for dressing every day dishes. Excellent for preparing focaccia and fries.

Weight 1.45 kg

0,50L Bottle, 0,75L Bottiglia

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