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Gonnelli 1585 is a trademark that represents the relationship between the Gonnelli Family and the world of traditional oil production.In 1585 the family bought the farm of Santa Téa and the related oil mill built in 1426.

Today the Gonnelli Family , also owner of the Frantoio di Vertine in the Chianti Classico, represents one of the Italian excellences in the world of Extra Vergin Olive Oil. The philosophy has always been to offer a healthy, genuine and natural product and this is only possibile by following directly every phase of the production: for each process we apply new innovative technologies to obtain an excellent product.

New technologies and innovative systems are applied to each process in order to obtain an excellent product. A company that achived several millestones in the sector and has been a continuos endorser of the importance of oil as food with innumerable nutritional and health-related properties, as well as bearer of taste and value in every dish and preparation.

Today Gonnelli 1585 offers a wide and varied range of products that includes sixteen different oils with their various tastes and aromas.

Since 1585


The story of the Gonnelli family begins in 1585, when the brothers Francesco, Lorenzo and Giulio, sons of Taddeo di Michele di Lorenzo, bought the Podere di Santa Téa for 300 coins from the Friars of the Convent of the Carmine of Florence.

After the purchase of the farm from generation to generation the family is handed down a true art, with all the knowledge and expertise in the cultivation of olives and in their pressing.

The tradition kept in the museum of the ancient oil mill and the continuous research and development both in terms of production and cultivation, distinguish the Gonnelli 1585 company.


Research and Development

In the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Frantoio di Santa Téa is one of the most advanced companies, for its quality as well as technologically. There are many innovations developed by the company on which it invests continuously distinguishing itself for the quality of the products obtained.

In 1962 the first centrifugal plant in the worldwas installed in Santa Téa in collaboration with Alfa Laval, a record that involved a significant breakthrough in olive oil production systems, substantially improving the quality and genuineness of the product.

Also the “Monocultivar” line represents a great innovation succeeding in distinguishing the flavors to obtain Extra Virgin Olive Oil coming from the pressing of olives of a single variety . In the 80s, to protect products from counterfeits, Gonnelli Srl first adopted the dosing / non refillable cap, created in collaboration with Guala Closures.

The Gonnelli company in 2007 is the first oil mill in Europe, to obtain ISO 22005 certification for traceability, guaranteeing the possibility for its consumers to trace the history of each bottle and the origin of the olives that compose it.


Closed Chain

The Frantoio di Santa Téa is equipped with a plant with two production lines designed inside the company’s workshop.

The mill has been patented so that the final product preserves the characteristics over time of the natural organoleptic characteristics. In pursuing the best quality, the same care is given to the corporate olive grove, greatly expanded over the years to ensure total control of the supply chain: today it has 43,000 plants of different cultivars, all certified according to the current provisions of Organic Agriculture, without pesticides or fertilizers.

Located in the Tuscan territory, between the province of Florence and Siena, the trees are all located in hilly areas, from 300 to 700 m above sea level.



Thanks to this variety of cultivars and a wise choice of picking olives at different times of ripening, starting from the greener one, you get different types of oils that stand out and differ in flavors and aromas.

The transformation from olives into oil, the creation of a completely new product has a clear handcraft component, a profession where the creativity and professionalism of the producer make the difference for the final quality.

The specialties of the Gonnelli line are distinguished by their distinctive characteristics and varieties, in a range of 16 different types of oil, including the Monocultivar, Organic, Green Olive, Olive, Olive, Igp Toscano and Dop Chianti Classico: each has well-defined organoleptic characteristics, which make it sweeter or more intense, spicy or flowery or slightly bitter.

100% Transparency


In 2007 the Frantoio di Santa Téa was the first oil mill in the world to obtain the ISO 22005: 07 certification for traceability. A further guarantee for the consumer who is able to trace the history of every bottle purchased as far as its territorial origin.
It is an important goal reached by our company, in line with our philosophy. Traceability certification represents not only the instrument to safeguard and promote our uniqueness but also the symbol of transparency and guarantee that we offer to our consumers, increasingly in need of reassurance and confidence with regard to the food products they buy. It is a kind of map of the product which makes it possible to retrace the history, from the origin of its olives until production of the oil.