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Gonnelli 1585 is a trademark that represents the relationship between the Gonnelli Family and the world of traditional oil production. In 1585 the family bought the farm of Santa Téa and the related Oil Mill built in 1426. Today the Gonnelly family, also owner of the Frantoio di Vertine in the Chianti Classico, represents one of the Italian excellences in the world of Extra Virgin Oil. The philosophy has always been to offer a healthy, genuine and natural product and this is only possibile by following directly every phase of the production: for each process we apply new innovative technologies to obtain an excellent product. A company that achived several millestones in the sector and has been a continuos endorser of the importance of oil as food with innumerable nutritional and health-related properties, as well as bearer of taste and value in every dish and preparation. Today Gonnelli 1585 offers a wide and varied range of products that includes sixteen different oils with their various tastes and aromas.

A few steps from the mill is the historic Bottega di Santa Téa, which offers the opportunity to taste and buy the various types of extra virgin olive oil produced. Thanks to the accurate and careful cultivation and selection of the olives and the monitoring of all the production phases of the supply chain, from the field to the table, we can obtain excellent products differentiated by flavors and aromas, from the most bitter and spicy to the sweetest and delicate, allowing you to choose your favorite.

In 2007 the Santa Téa Oil Mill was the first oil mill in the world to obtain the ISO 22005: 07 certification for traceability. A further guarantee for the consumer who is able to trace the history of every bottle purchased as far as its territorial origin.
It is an important goal reached by our company, in line with our philosophy. Traceability certification represents not only the instrument to safeguard and promote our uniqueness but also the symbol of transparency and guarantee that we offer to our consumers, increasingly in need of reassurance and confidence with regard to the food products they buy. It is a kind of map of the product which makes it possible to retrace the history, from the origin of its olives until production of the oil.


Infinite nuances of taste and fragrance are obtained strating from the selection of the different cultivars, the harvesting time and according to the ripening of the olives. Discover the freshness, the genuineness, the triumph of flavor and choose your ideal oil!


The unique products of the Grand Cru line are born From the careful selection of the cultivation area, the timely harvesting of the olives and the immediate pressing.


The "Le Selezioni" line is born from the selection in the field of the olives based on their maturation, variety and cultivation system. Olives are collected in the best olive-growing areas.


The Monocultivar olive oils are born from the selection in the field and from the pressing of a single olive variety, a limited selection, with a unique and unmistakable taste.


The Monocultivar olive oils are born from the selection in the field and from the pressing of a single olive variety, a limited selection, with a unique and unmistakable taste.


Products distinguished by the skilful pressing of olives of different varieties, green and black, harvested and then pressed into the Santa Téa olive mill.


Monocultivar leccino olives

The olives of the variety Leccino are farmed in the field and have a sweet and light taste. After a selection the olives are pitted and preserved in 100% extra virgin olive oil; ideal as a side dish, dressing or as appetizer for starters and aperitifs.


A selection of our products in their gift box, to share the goodness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


From the excellence of the Extra Virgin Olive oil Frantoio di Santa Téa, stems the line of “Toscana Terre e Frantoi” creams to offer, for the daily well-being; completely, natural beauty treatment products.

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