Our Store

A few steps from the mill is the historic Bottega di Santa Téa, which offers the opportunity to taste and buy the various types of extra virgin olive oil produced. Thanks to the accurate and careful cultivation and selection of the olives and the monitoring of all the production phases of the supply chain, from the field to the table, we can obtain excellent products differentiated by flavors and aromas, from the most bitter and spicy to the sweetest and delicate, allowing you to choose your favorite. The range increases with a careful selection of products of the highest quality, characterized by ancient traditions.

For many food and wine lovers, the shop offers Chianti Classico wine vinegar D.O.C.G. of TOSCANA TERRE E FRANTOI that originates from the Chianti Classico wine through the method of air-based acetification, in a natural way, followed by an aging in oak barrels. To enhance the close link with the Tuscan territory, there is a careful selection of some excellent products of Chianti Classico, Bolgheri and Vinsanto wines, the latter accompanied by the traditional cantuccini, synonymous of Tuscan typicality. In this culinary panorama there are also fruit compotes, born in the heart of the Dolomites, with a delicious and genuine taste, prepared in a natural way, in which all the precious properties of the fruit are contained.

A large space dedicated to the many eager to explore the world of bees, with different types of honey, and for gourmands, with handmade chocolates. For lovers of dishes with strong flavors, there is the unmistakable flavor of saffron. During the Christmas period it is possible to buy panettone products with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and to make Christmas baskets, even customized, choosing among the products available in the shop. From the further use of this extraordinary fruit, comes the line of cosmetic creams with organic extra virgin olive oil from the Frantoio di Santa Téa, branded by Toscana Terre and Frantoi for the daily well-being of your face, body and hands. Delicious self created gift boxes with cosmetic creams and varieties of extra virgin oils in a miniature format.

A small boutique of high-quality products, to pamper and cuddle yourself with the taste of good things!

Our Timetable

The shop of the Frantoio Santa Téa is open:

Monday – 08.30/12.30 a.m – 14.00/18.00 p.m

Tuesday – 08.30/12.30 a.m – 14.00/18.00 p.m

Wednesday -08.30/12.30 a.m – 14.00/18.00 p.m

Thursday– 08.30/12.30 a.m – 14.00/18.00 p.m

Friday – 08.30/12.30 a.m – 14.00/18.00 p.m

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – Closed