Profumo d’Oliva

Seeing the oil enclosed in a sophisticated case in its regal squareshaped bottle,
you might mistake it for a liqueur for meditation, an essence, an elixir or
something exclusive, precious and of great rarity…perhaps a perfume.
In fact, it is called “Olive Fragrance” and it is an extra virgin olive oil of
superlative quality that was conceived, created, supervised and signed by
Piero Gonnelli.


  • 0,20L Bottiglia
  • 0,50L Bottiglia
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Period of harvest: October early November
Cleaning olives: removal of stems and leaves using patented machines and olives washing with purified water.
Processing:  a continuous airtight cycle, under nitrogen. Extraction at a controlled temperature (cold extraction) in absence of oxygen.
Production:  limited
Filtering:  pure cellulose.
Storage:  at a controlled temperature in stainless steel containers, in absence of oxygen, under nitrogen.
Fragrance: rich bouquet with fresch almond and artichoke.
Taste: armony of bitter and spicy sensations and herbaceous notes of fresh vegetable.
Recommended on: execellent on shrimp soufflé and on vegetables crudités

Weight 1.45 kg

0,20L Bottiglia, 0,50L Bottiglia

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